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By Editor | July 12, 2007 - 10:20 pm - Posted in Police Blogger

Ada County Sheriff’s Office

Ada County Sheriff’s Office is one of many local law endorsement agencies taking part in an 18 month long investigation into two different drug organizations. This multiple local and federal law enforcement agency effort to slow the flow of crystal meth and other drugs is called “Operation Mountain Lion.”
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By Editor | February 2, 2007 - 9:57 pm - Posted in Editorial and Opinion

Sharon Ullman

Ada County Commissioner Fred Tilman delivers more “spin” than a yo-yo, when talking about the County’s new at-will employment policy.

On January 8, on NewsRadio AM580 KIDO, Tilman said:

“I think a lot of people have a misconception. The ordinance that we passed simply gave people notice. It did not put anything into effect. It simply gave all the employees notice of the fact that we were moving to a new system, personnel system.”

The ordinance, passed unanimously by the commissioners on December 27 and now a County law, actually says:
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By Editor | December 28, 2006 - 10:12 pm - Posted in Life Online

New Consumer Protection Initiative to Combat Spyware and Other “Badware”

Harvard’s Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute Unveil Backed by Google, Lenovo, Sun; Consumer Reports WebWatch Takes Unpaid Special Advisor Role

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By Editor | November 10, 2006 - 9:55 pm - Posted in Letters to the Editor

Vincent DeWitt

Dear editor:

Americans should be very proud. We have taken back America, and the people have been heard. Pelosi is in, Rumsfeld is out and our brave soldiers overseas are celebrating. Now we can get back to business with important issues, such as rolling back tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and Big Business. The middle class families will now be priority, and the corruption and immorality will be cleaned up.

Don’t fret over Bill Sali’s win. He will not embarrass Idaho with his radical views being a member of the minority party in Congress. That said its unfortunate that he will also not be able to bring home the bacon due to his status.

Happy days are ahead of us, and I want to thank all the voters who stood in line to vote. That is what democracy is all about.

Vincent DeWitt

By Editor | November 5, 2006 - 9:50 pm - Posted in Letters to the Editor

Blake Newell - Boise

Not being a politician, I’ve never worked with Bill Sali in legislative matters. I have, however, contacted him a number of times on matters I was concerned about. Bill has never failed to respond to my question or comment, and, while I didn’t agree with his position on one of the items which sticks in my mind, he explained his stand so I can understand where he is coming from. I didn’t change my opinion, but I now see why he voted as he did.

I was most impressed by the fact that Bill responded to my call. Usually I get a form letter which doesn’t come close to addressing what my original call was about. When I’ve contacted Bill, I have always received an actual response, and I consider that a very professional way to handle business.

As I said earlier, while I don’t always agree with Bill, I will be voting for him.

Thank you,

Blake Newell
Boise, Idaho

By Editor | - 9:46 pm - Posted in Letters to the Editor

Zachary A. Hauge

We believe Donna Jones’s experience in government, business and community service speaks volumes about her qualifications to serve as Idaho’s next State Controller.

Jones served six-terms in the Idaho State Legislature and for three years she served as Chairman of the powerful House Revenue and Taxation Committee, a prominent position that requires an in-depth understanding of Idaho tax and fiscal policy. For the past eight years, Jones has served as the Executive Director of the Idaho Real Estate Commission, regulating a growing industry that has played an important role in keeping Idaho’s economy strong.

A number of important Idaho stakeholders that recognize Jones’s qualifications, including her ability to make prudent decisions as a member of the Idaho State Land Board, include ANRI-PAC which represents approx. 10 different agriculture groups, the Loggers PAC, and the Potato Growers PAC. These PACs, along with thousands of Idahoans who have had the opportunity to work with Jones during her 30+ years of service, are putting their confidence in Jones and so should you.

Don t forget to vote November 7th!

By Editor | October 31, 2006 - 9:41 pm - Posted in Letters to the Editor

George Gersema

It was mind boggling to pick up the newspaper the other day and find out that Larry Grant, not Bill Sali, was being touted as the pro-business candidate for Congress. Speaking as a member of Idaho’s business community, there is only one pro-business candidate in the race for Congress. That’s Bill Sali.
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By Editor | October 26, 2006 - 9:36 pm - Posted in Letters to the Editor

Robbi L. Blessin - Nampa

I have been an active supporter of Proposition Two, having researched in depth its purpose and function. I am very disturbed that so many people, especially assorted elected members of city government, are misinformed about what the proposition actually does.

Opponents say that businesses and individuals will be able to build or run any business they choose, or change their property in any way they choose, because the government has to compensate if they say no. They also say that this proposition gives grounds for lawsuits in these cases. This is absolutely untrue.

All persons/businesses that want to expand or change the use of their property are required to get a permit to do so from the local government. This proposition doesn’t eliminate that requirement. Proposition Two just disallows the arbitrary down zoning (by choice or vote of a city governing agency, city council, etc.) of a person’s property without just compensation.

The opposition is willing to use dishonest tactics to insure that government will get to continue to abuse its power in administrative rezoning without consideration for the property owner. This happens all the time; it s just that those of us who are not affected rarely hear about it. Those who are affected never forget, often losing so much of what they worked for all their lives - their homes, their livelihoods.

Please vote yes on Proposition Two for all of us.

Robbi L. Blessin, CPA

Julie Robertson

I met with Paul Woods who is running for Ada County Commissioner and we talked about a topic that concerns us all - the County budget which is partially funded by our property taxes.
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By Editor | - 9:20 pm - Posted in Letters to the Editor

Vincent DeWitt

Dear Editor:

It was first the harassing, and annoying computer generated calls from Sali’s campaign, and now we are waiting for his smear and slanderous ads on television and radio. However, what Sali doesn’t realize is that we Idahoans are not stupid.

Second, we are proud of our Independant spirit, and we vote for the best candidate to represent us. And thirdly, I as a Christian Republican, Mr. Sali does not represent our values.

The Idaho Republican party and our leaders did not have to tell us that, we saw it when he was in the Statehouse, and we saw it during the primaries.

I am proud of Idaho and of our people and I know we will all do the right thing by making sure Mr. Sali is not elected to Congress.